Thursday, 31 May 2012

South Australian History Resources

Welcome to Angie's History Resources

This site has initially been designed to provide access to resources for teaching history according to the National Australian Curriculum. Covering all years to Year 7, it is intended mainly for primary school teachers in South Australia. The colonial focus is on South Australia's history, although material included at all levels covers other States as well. The local history focus begins with the Barossa, Two Wells and Adelaide Plains areas of South Australia. I hope, however, to build and extend the resources for other geographic areas in due course, as more materials and documents are added. Please email me with suggestions.

Please click on the link below for the Preface, or click on the year levels.


Foundation    Personal and Family Histories

Year 1    Past and Present Family Life

Year 2  The Past in the Present: A Study of Local History

Year 3    Community and Remembrance

Year 4     First Contacts 

(World history, Movement of Peoples, European Exploration of the World and Colonization to 1800)

Year 5    The Australian Colonies: Colonial Australia in the 1800s

Year 6     Australia as a Nation, Particularly after 1900

Year 7 The Ancient World to 650 AD (CE)